Clarification on planned Workshops and FDD Certificates


sorry but I still need some clarification concerning the currently planned and coming up workshops Puzzled. Under Certification it's said:

Currently, you achieve FDD Aware status through either of the two Accredited FDD training workshops. What this says is that you are Certified as FDD Aware as you have successfully completed Accredited FDD training. If you successfully complete both Accredited workshops you achieve Certified FDD Associate status which is the foundation/essentials level.

And what I can see on Nebulon is, that there are these two Accredited FDD training workshops:

  • How To Deliver Better Software Using FDD
  • How To Design Better Software Using FDD

As I understand I must successfully do both workshops to receive an FDD Associate certificate, right :?

Now I miss a description what the Design workshop is all about and more important the information which of the planned workshops is covering which of the two Accredited FDD training workshops Shocked.

Any clarification is welcome Eye-wink


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Yes, that is correct. The Design workshop has not been offered as a public class (yet) but has been run many, many times privately.

The workshops listed here are the Deliver workshops. When the Design workshop is offered publicly, then we'll do something to signify which is which in the Learn About FDD box on the front page.

What may happen is that there are two Design workshops (of differing levels). What may also happen is that the Design workshop will not carry Aware certification on its own but would still add to the Deliver workshop to gain Associate certification.

This is all based on the learnings from having run the Design workshop so many times.

But, those changes are not decided yet, so what is described on the certification page is correct.


Is there a Design workshop in plan for London?

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your response. I can now see that you offer the first public Design workshop in New Zealand. As I am from Germany I like to know whether there are similar plans for the London workshop week in December :?.