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Books that have significant and valuable content on FDD.

Software That Supports FDDI

Software/tools that support FDD Interchange (FDDI)

FDD Project Manager Application
FDDPMA is a web-based application that manages software projects. It facilitates iterative development by reducing FDD management overhead, producing graphical progress reports, providing a workplace where all the FDD related documentation is collected. 

FDDPMA is an open-source project. Java developers may download its source code, compile and install the application on their own servers. Those who do not want to deal with FDDPMA installation may use this site to manage their FDD projects. 

FDD Tools
The FDD Tools project aims to produce an open source, cross-platform toolkit supporting the Feature Driven Development methodology.

Other Software

Software/Tools that do not have FDDI support.

FDD Tracker
FDDTracker is a comprehensive project portfolio management product. It is the most complete business solution on the market today tailored specifically for the Feature Driven Development (FDD) agile software development methodology.
FDD Viewer
A utility to display and print parking lots.
xProcess allows any team to take their processes, methodologies and best practices into live project plans that enable collaboration across the organization. The plan is real-time and is always in-sync so that any changes in resources, estimates, priority, etc is visible to all project participants. xProcess ships with a process pattern for FDD.