FDD processes translated to German

it-agile ( translated the FDD processed to German.

It is downloadable as PDF.


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Jeff De Luca FDD Interview on Software Engineering Radio

An interview with Jeff recorded in Hamburg, 2007.

From the se-radio website: "As the inventor of FDD Jeff gives short introduction to the method itself, talks about the basic ideas behind FDD and discusses with us how FDD relates to other members of the agile family."

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FDD Presentation - in German

A presentation on FDD by Henning Wolf at XP Days 2007.

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Archetypes Stencil for OmniGraffle

This is a stencil for OmniGraffle on Mac OS X. It contains various versions of the four color archetypes to make drawing color models much easier using OmniGraffle.

Feature Driven Development Presentation

Hey Everyone,

I gave a FDD lecture last week (29/6/2006) at the Agile Israel User group.

If anyone's interested here are links to the presentation:
PDF - attached to this post.

PPT - http://www.JustinAngel.Net/files/FeatureDrivenDevelopment.ppt
Webcast (WMV) - (hebrew only, sorry)

The presentation decribes:
- why do we need Agile methodlogies
- what are the common problems with Agile solutions
- eXtreme Programming's limitations
- How Feature-Driven Development solves the common agile issues

Guide for Chief Programmers

The attached document is a Guide for Chief programmers. The document was written for "Software Architecture and Engineering" course at Harvard University. This year the course is applying FDD to implement the course project. The document describes the typical activities that Chief Programmers perform during FDD iteration.

Combining Critical Chain and Incremental Development

Cutting content seems to be the prevalent way of meeting deadlines in projects that are running late. But why waste effort and time on things that most likely, will go at the first sign of trouble? Why don’t make the decisions about what is important and what is not up-front, and only start work on the latter if we have the necessary time to do it?

By combining critical chain and incremental development, we can create a plan and execute projects, which guaranties, with a set probability, the delivery of an agreed subset of the total functionality by a stipulated date.

Tracking the Progress of Fixing Trouble Reports

You are the project manager of a large project, testing is uncovering faults, trouble reports (TRs) are starting to pileup, the release date is coming soon. Are they going to be fixed on time? What could you do to help? Are there any bottlenecks? Where should you assign more resources?
Sounds familiar? Have you been there? This article will explain how could you answer these questions by using an old method called Line of Balance in a new way.

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Updated FDD Overview Presentation

This is a recently updated set of slides I use for 60-90 minute FDD overview presentations. These replace the older set at and elsewhere on the web.

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FDD Interchange (FDDI) Specification 20060119

The latest draft FDDI spec for public review.

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