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FDD Interchange (FDDI) Specification 20051027

The main purpose of FDDI is to enable the exchange of FDD project related information between diverse software systems and components.

FDDI (f ĭ dˈē) is pronounced fiddy (as for the word giddy but replacing the g with an f).

Comparing FDD and XP

This paper is written for Harvard University (Boston, USA).
It compares the two agile development methodologies:
Feature Driven Development and eXtreme Programming

FDD Viewer

A utility to display and print parking lots.

FDD Process Diagram - Visio version

The original Visio file of the one page FDD process diagram if anyone needs to modify it for use.

FDD Process Model Diagram

cover of A Practical Guide to Feature-Driven Development (The Coad Series)A Practical Guide to Feature-Driven Development (The Coad Series)
author: Stephen R. Palmer,John M. Felsing
asin: 0130676152

This is a diagram I put together for my team based on Jeff De Luca's work and the book "A Practical Guide to Feature Driven Development"

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Feature Driven Development Processes Download

The latest Feature Driven Development Processes for printing.

Open Source Software Study

A study on the use and impact of Open Source and Free Software in the UK Government.
A very interesting whitepaper.

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