FDD Viewer

A utility to display and print parking lots.

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Zip file appears to be corrupt

:( hi the zip file appears to be corrupted and will not open cleanly.

Seems OK. Suggest you try again.

Curious. Others have downloaded and unzipped successfully. I just got a colleague to test it and he had no problems.

Suggest you try again. If you have no luck leave your email address here and I will email it to you.


Still no luck

Hi Phil,

Still no luck.

Please e-mail to grant@itps.com.au



Same Error

Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive.
If you downloaded this file, try downloading the file again.

Using WinZip 8.1

Tadd Stuart

Portland Maine USA

I was able to unzip it using

I was able to unzip it using WinRar, output was a file without extention, I opened it in a HexEditor and found out it was a zip file, so I renamed it to xxx.zip and was able to unzip this and use the tool.

Good tool

Good tool, I am quite interested on this tool, are there any plan for this tool?

Is it any reason for not using XSLT/CSS to display on the web ?