FDD Tools Project on SourceForge

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We have recently added the FDD Tools project to Sourceforge. This project aims to produce a cross-platform, open source toolkit that supports the FDD Methodology. The first Major Feature Set, an Alpha 0.5 release, has already been uploaded to SourceForge and is available for immediate download. This release supports the generation of Project Tracking Charts (Parking Lot Charts) from a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. The CSV file can be created by hand, or, as we have used the tool, generated from a MS Project export using a specialized map. A sample MS Project file and sample CSV files are also available for download. The Project Tracking Charts can be printed or can be exported to either .png or .jpg format.

We hope that with the help of the community that we will be able to further enhance the project to support additional features which will make the project more useful to he community at large.

We are releasing the source code under the Apache license, so it may even be of some use to individuals developing closed source FDD products.