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On June 13th, I registered fddDashboard with SourceForge
Which was actually before the post about FDD Manager. (submitted June 20th).
So, this is by no means a reaction on FDD Manager. At first glance it does look like an interesting and useful tool.

However, I would like to start an opensource project for an FDD Dashboard.
They goal is to provide all actors (hopefully NOT all in a first release) with the means to update a central system and pull meaningful reports from it.

So, via this forum I would like to sollicit for people who are interested in contributing to such an open source project as:
- Co-Chief Architect
- Project Manager
- Domain Expert(s)
- Chief Programmer(s)
- Class Owner(s)
- Release Manager
- Tester(s)
- ...

If you are interested, please drop me an email via sourceforge or at
If there is NO interest, please let me know as well, so I don't spent too much time on it :)

For those interested in more detail, I'm planning to use Spring ( as the lightweight application framework. (I'm going through a Spring training (in Belgium) as we speak, which was one of the main drivers to not announce anything yet)
Besides a web-based interface (mainly targeted at the customer & management) I'm also planning to release an eclipse plug-in and Swing stand-alone GUI (more targeted towards the developers)

Obviously, since this is open source and only just starting to enter the planning phase now, it's still completely open for debate.

I'm in the mids of setting up a wiki on sourceforge or somewhere else that can be used until we have a first release ready and can start to eat our own dogfood.

Again, it is not my goal to compete with a commercial product but to give something back to the community from which I learned a lot in order to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Kind regards,

Eric Pieters

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You may be interested in the FDD Tools project, which we have just added to SourceForge. The goals of your project in planning sound as if they may coincide well with the goals of the FDD Tools project, so perhaps there is opportunity for collaboration across the projects.

Disclaimer: I am an admin on the FDD Tools project.