This website is the place for all to discuss Feature Driven Development (FDD), ask questions, learn more about it, and discuss their own experiences and their own FDD-inspired approaches.

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These are some of the interesting discussions in this site.

The Model, Architecture Layers
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Maintenance, Refactoring and FDD
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Features Lists, Requirements, FBS
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About Features, Size of Workpackages
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Plan By Feature, Planning
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Class Ownership
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FDD at Micro Scale
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Fixed Price, Agile, and FDD
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XP and FDD
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Agile Principles, Agile, and FDD
TDD and FDD, Defensive Coding, Testing
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FDD and Web Development
% of Experienced People
Feature Team Areas
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Learn About FDD

Accredited Feature Driven Development Training that comes with Certification is here! These workshops teach you the important FDD "how to" lessons.

How to Design Better Software Using FDD
Wellington, New Zealand, October 29-30, 2012
How to Deliver Better Software Using FDD
Wellington, New Zealand, October 31-November 1, 2012
e-mail Susan at Nebulon
To get a workshop run when you want and where you want.

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