FDD Process Model Diagram

cover of A Practical Guide to Feature-Driven Development (The Coad Series)A Practical Guide to Feature-Driven Development (The Coad Series)
author: Stephen R. Palmer,John M. Felsing
asin: 0130676152

This is a diagram I put together for my team based on Jeff De Luca's work and the book "A Practical Guide to Feature Driven Development"

FDD Process Model Diagram.pdf29.89 KB

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Nice job

I was wondering what the significance of the shaded boxes was?

:: Gavin Baker -- http://antonym.org

Optional tasks

Smiling you must be running acrobat on linux like me. It clipped off the bottom of the page where there's a little line of text that says "Note: gray shaded tasks are optional"

Gray boxes

Yep, that's right, those are optional steps.

Jeff De Luca's picture

Great Work!

Really nice job Kevin. Thanks for the useful contribution. It's great to have a single reference card for the processes.



Thanks for the note Jeff, I'm glad the diagram is useful. The original diagram is in Visio - I can post that if anyone is interested or needs to modify it.

I've also written an article about FDD for a newsletter published by the IS SIG of PMI (Project Management Institute) to serve as in intro from a more traditional Project Management viewpoint. It should be published in a month or two.

It's all very interesting stuff - I just need to convince upper management how interesting it is :)

Visio version

I also agree that this is a great tool. I'd like to see the Visio version published.

I've been charged with researching/creationg/training/supporting a "Client/Server - Web Development" methodlogy for my organization as part of my objectives for this year (gee, what a small task...)

At this time the FDD methodology seems closest to what our organization would be willing to adapt.

Tools like your diagram will help me in my education process.

Great tool and diagram. Would also like to see visio.

Great job in summarizing the process in one diagram . Would like to see the visio to add the pre and post activities.
Thanks so much.

How does FDD affect the Project Manager?

I'm new to FDD and wish to understand how this would affect a Project Manager who's used to managing development projects run based on other frameworks such as RAD, RUP? What new challenges does FDD present? What advantages and disadvantages are there?

Thank you.

A Project Manager's Intro to FDD

See Kevin's write up on this topic at: A Project Managers Intro to FDD

FDD diagram

Cool diagram. Sums it up nicely. Now I can quickly go back to XP Smiling

Can't open the diagram

When I click on your post title link "FDD Process Model Diagram" it does not navigate anywhere else. It just reopens the same url. Can you repost, or send me in email to paul_boiano@yahoo.com. I have created a user account on the FDD site but just didn't login yet.

Paul Boiano

Disregard my last post

I have now logged in and I see the download link. sorry for the misfire before.


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Permissions have been changed

Anonymous users should be able to download files. The permissions have been changed to allow this. Thanks for pointing this out.