FDDPMA 1.2 released

FDDPMA is a free, open source, web-based FDD project management tools.
Version 1.2 is a result of field-testing on a mid-size project (16 developers, 4 Chief Programmers). It is deployed to fddpma.net and may be downloaded from sourceforge.net web site.

What's new?
  • FDDPMA may automatically calculate completion percent for project stages based on the tasks. Define a list of tasks for each project stage. As you update completion percent for the tasks, FDDPMA will re-calculate completion percent for the stages and for the whole project.
  • FDDPMA now has a PDF report that lists all the tasks for a project stage.
  • Progress reports now may be generated in both PDF and HTML formats.
  • “List of workpackages” view has an option to display included features.
  • A new “Workpackages Progress” report is useful for release meetings. It is similar to “Plan View Report”, but groups features into workpackages.
  • FDDPMA now remembers per-user settings, such as width of navigation pane and others.
  • You may now redefine source code ownership for a workpackage. This is useful when a team member leaves for vacation.
  • Sorting capabilities have been added to many views.
  • Numerous bug fixes