Best practices on Iterative development

I am in the process of collecting best practice guidelines for planning FDD iterations out when executing a project. I invite you all to share on the following.

How does a FDD methodology have the Project Managers and Architects interacting, during the project planning process?
What does the initial WBS look like?
How many iterations does a project decide to have?
How long is each iteration?
What scope is in the first iteration and then subsequent iterations?
How can the project plan demonstrate to a Client that the team understands the business and the requirements?


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Hi Steve, Personally it

Hi Steve,

Personally it seems a little strange to collect 'best practice guidelines for planning FDD iterations'. I say this as i don't think there are any! Like most successful enterprises, what you are asking for relies on good quality hires in the right spots on your project. Otherwise FDD would be a process framework full of if/else/try/finally processes and artifact production and we all know what those look like (Object Mentor/RUP)!

So based on your questions, here is my gut response :)

1. A PM runs the show along with the aid of an architect and senior developers (chief programmers). The architect is a hands on variety and not one that just says "you will use IBM Websphere!". Together they interact with the business to formulate a domain model/feature list/delivery plan

2. There a lots of threads on this site that talk about WBS. Just search for feature list in the search box :)

3. As many as required to complete the feature list! See threads on feature list planning, and chief programmer work packages for more details..

4. an iteration is anything up to 2 weeks in duration. So lets say you had a team of 9 developers including 3 chief programmers, you might find that chief programmer 1 completes 12 features in his workpackage in 8 days whilst the next guy did 3 features in 10 days. bottom line is no one feature takes longer than 2 weeks to complete.

5. scope is defined as part of phase 1, 2 ,3. see downloads for more on these.

6. again part of phase 1, 2 ,3.

Hope thats helps :)