An Ideal Object Model

I am going through the FDD process
As i was going through one of the hey processes Designing By feature , i was looking at some of the examples for FDD Overall Object Model after Task 5 i.e. Refining the Object Model but i would like to know if anybody has got an Ideal Object Model going by the key points addressed in the task
It would prove to be the sample Object Model while developing my model.
Kindly request somebody to help regarding the same.

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How about ADS?

Hi Divya,

look at The Archetypal Domain Shape (ADS) (

Ideal Domain Object Model

Hi Darya,
Thanks for the input,Smiling i wanted to know some more details regarding the Domain Object Model
While the posters show a picture of the Domain model
How are the constraints, dependencies and assumptions adn future changes captured ?
Is it captured in a document/template along with the Domain Object Model?
How is the Technical Architecture built in parallel connected with the Domain Object Model?


Look into the FDD processes

Isn't it sufficiently described in the FDD processes Puzzled

Hi Darya, The FDD

Hi Darya,
The FDD processes say that notes and documents have to be made but the sample docs/notes are not available , i was just looking at if i could get some tips on how it can be done effectively so that the team does not consider documentation or writing notes as an overburden with the available resources.
Thank You


Look at Galleries

Hi Divya,

look above at Galleries and click on diagrams. There you find a number of templates you can use.


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If you want examples of good

If you want examples of good object models, check out any of the books by Peter Coad.

For good examples of models: UML Modeling in Color with Java

For the thought process on how to achieve good object models: Java Design

For patterns: The Lego book

All are available on the links link at the top of the page :)