Knuth Interview

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"let me just say that almost everything I’ve ever heard associated with the term 'extreme programming' sounds like exactly the wrong way to go...with one exception"

"I also must confess to a strong bias against the fashion for reusable code"

"...the idea of immediate compilation and 'unit tests' appeals to me only rarely, when I’m feeling my way in a totally unknown environment and need feedback about what works and what doesn’t. Otherwise, lots of time is wasted on activities that I simply never need to perform or even think about. Nothing needs to be 'mocked up'."

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Good advice, Knuth! :)

Good post, Jeff! I did the same here in Brazil, and it sparked a lot of debate and hatred among the XP and TDD communities...

But for us, it is common sense... ;)


Adail Muniz Retamal