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Where should we do time estimation for a feature? is it when we build the features list? or when we determine the development sequence?


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Neither. Features are estimated just-in-time. That is, when they are placed into workpackages and scheduled for design and build.

Here's some links that might help.

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These threads are related to how features are batched into workpackages and their workflow.

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How to estimate the project time?


So the CP has a "Features Box",And he select from them the features to be included in the next DBF and BBF iteration. Which means that he estimates required time for each feature and selects features that do fill the time for the 2 weeks.

So how do we select completion (months and years) for the business activities in "determine the Development Sequence", we should have been doing a kind of estimation, right? is it like an order of magnitude estimation?

I do not believe so, because at the end, we have a deadline to deliver the project.


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