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Java Design 2nd Ed.

cover of Java Design 2nd Ed.Java Design: Building Better Apps and Applets (2nd Edition)

author: Peter Coad
Mark Mayfield
Jonathan Kern
asin: 0139111816
binding: Paperback
list price: $44.99 USD
amazon price: $44.99

The first book to consider Java-inspired design and modeling. Coad was way ahead of the pack in moving from inheritance to composition and designing with interfaces.

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Effective Java

cover of Effective JavaEffective Java Programming Language Guide

author: Joshua Bloch
asin: 0201310058
binding: Paperback
list price: $54.99 USD
amazon price: $44.87 USD

Coding standards on a project should be like this book. ie. not just syntactic standards, but semantic standards as well and with an appropriate level of explanation and instruction. Every Java project should have this book.

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