Testing in Scrum approach

We are planning to move towards scrum based approach for software development. However the thing that is still unclear is how can the testing process be adopted in the Scrum approach. It seems to be easier to break features into tasks based on dev resources available and start and end of a Sprint. Would QA typically start after the first dev Sprint 1 is completed? If so, the challenge would the testing volume may not same always but they start and end date for QA would have to line up with Sprint 2 of dev cycle and in this case the number of QA resources would never be same in each Sprint. Hope I am making sense. The other alternative we see is to have QA process be running in parallel with Sprints and as soon as a feature is completed, they take it and test it. But they will never be having any Sprints.

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Ken Schwaber

Hi pushkal,

this is an FDD site so you're unlikely to get much Scrum-specific help here. Ken Schwaber is a key figure in Scrum and is a good guy. You can find Scrum resources and info at his website [controlchaos]

There are other players in the Scrum movement but Ken is the guy that has impressed me the most - FWIW.