FDD vs. Issue-based SCM


I was actually searching the Internet for issue-based SCM and came upon your site after recalling something about FDD on CmCrossroads.com. I was wondering how 'you' define FDD and how it differs from issue-based software change and configuration management (SCM)? I've also seen AccuRev Inc. mention issue-based engineering management having integrated SCM with issue tracking.

Does FDDTracker integrate with any other source control tools like AccuRev, Rational Clearcase or PVCS?

Thank you,

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FDDTracker configuration management product integration

Hi Josh,

FDD is a project management methodology specifically for software development although it has been used more generally also for such things as managing marketing campaigns. In fact we have one client of our FDDTracker product Terry White Chemists that are looking to use the FDD methodology to manage their Chemist shop refitting projects.

In general software configuration management is just part of the whole project managment process. FDD itself just manages changes as it would any other feature but as a general rule of thumb if there is more than 10% change in your project you would notify the project sponsors see if that is acceptable to them and / or rethink you user requirements and design. Jeff De Luca is the best authority on the FDD methodology and should be able to answer your questions regarding how change and software configuration is managed.

On your query regarding our FDDTracker (http://www.fddtracker.com) product there is currently no integration with any software configuration management tools built into FDDTracker. As you mentioned there are a number of options here including some others such as CVS and SubVersion so providing integration in this area is a difficult one that we have not yet addressed. We have instead focused on delivering tools that map directly to the FDD methodology and its processes.


Grant Cause
Managing Director, ITPS