"Initial Setup" for projects managed by FDD?

Hi all

I've embarked on a new web project at work, and have been trying to follow FDD for the initial planning stages. While its going really well, I'm starting to add development time estimates to features, and I've noted that I need to add in time for initial project setup (server, database, etc). This is a common item in our projects, but I can't see anywhere it would fit.

Whats the best way to plan this in to the timescales? Would I add another feature, add the extra time to an already existing feature (Sign-in, for example), or would I leave it out and add it as a foot-note to the final time estimates?

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Don't explicitly estimate each feature for initial project plan

You don't estimate individual features up-front. FDD uses, for want of better terms, just-in-time design and just-in-time planning, and both are at the workpackage level (a group of features scheduled for design and build).

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