Managing nonfunctional requirements: what? where? when?

- Software requirements/elements (features/classes) are tipically modeled either as a hierarchical set of components (FDD: Major feature set, Feature set, Feature) or as UML diagrams. None of these models can directly expose the relation/difference between functional and non functional requirements/elements. (Note: I do not know any methodology where "technical"/"business" would be base terms, eg. first class citizens.)
- Meanwhile many software projects are dealing with key/innovative and/or complex technologies. Thus I would say that non functional- or technical requirements may be good candidates for being managed components...

- What are the best practices for managing nonfunctional requirements within the FDD space? Is it an optional task?
- Are there any experiences from the following areas: heavyweight business domains implemented upon/using up-to-date technologies? ligthweight business domains implemented upon/using up-to-date technologies?
- Are complex/up-to-date technologies outside of PM scope (eg. they should be rather managed at company level and not project level)?

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