FDD and Visual Studio Team System 2005

Are ther plans to develop and deploy the FDD approach to Visual Studio Team System 2005?


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Surprisingly large interest in FDD amongst Team System partners

We've noticed surprisingly large interest in FDD from Team System partners. We've actually had three companies come forward with requests.

Publicly Microsoft has already made an announcement with Cognizant (an Indian outsource/offshore consulting firm). They have extended FDD to be full lifecycle and adapted it to work in Team System.

Team System does have some draw backs for an FDD implementation. There are no hierarchical work items, so it isn't possible to group Features within Feature Sets and Feature Sets within Subject Areas. However, the work item tracking does lend itself to the 6 step DBF-BBF steps in FDD and the reporting is very powerful for tracking feature completion.

Here is the URL to the Cognizant solution.

David J. Anderson
author of "Agile Management for Software Engineering"