Testing Teams using FDD, or would that FDT (feature driven testing)

Is there such a thing as FDD like system for independent testing teams using work packages?

We have a dedicated (independent) testing team in our company whose current brief includes testing, I supposed you'd call them, monthly service packs. These involve the typical fixes, enhancements and new work. Due to a restructure these guys now report to the development manager and he wants them incorporated into the FDD fold. The main difference being that they will continue testing after our FDD process has finished (i.e. all features for a service pack are finished according to FDD). So, in summary, development does its FDD development and every month (or so) puts together a new service pack of the product and delivers to the testing team for a full test.

Now, I'm taking a look at what this team does and it looks to me a bit like FDD. The basic system seems to be:
1. Design new / update existing test cases
2. Design review and save into test directory
3. Once all tests are ready, break them into work packages. Each work package represents a unique business functional process that provides a business benefit or works through a business workflow
4. Each work package is assigned (max 1 week effort per package)
5. When completed, the results are check and added into the results
6. Final report is written and released.

The main difference appears to be that the work package is effectively limited to just testing rather than the whole process - although it could be extended I think to include the entire process.

So I supposed I'm asking:
* Is there any chance of mapping this over .. ideas?
* Has anyone else has seen something like this before and applied a varient of FDD to it?
* Has anyone tried this with test director (I've never used it before)
* If so does anyone have any indication of multiplers used?



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Create a Testing Aspect


sure I've done that sort of thing before. In a case like you are describing I would have another Project Aspect for Testing.

Simply identify the things you want to track - most likely test cases in this situation. Identify the milestones for each test case and then track and produce reports just as for any other Project Aspect.

See this thread and this thread for related discussions.

The approach is agnostic to Test Director or whatever other tools you are using.