FDD and Requirements Management with Borland CaliberRM

One of the hot topics whenever you think of FDD and Requirements Management is how/if they coexist. The approach I've been using is that Feature Areas/Sets/and Features themselves are in fact of a specific requirement type (that lives in harmony with Business Requirements, User Requirements, etc.).

Here's an example of this implementation:

Using the CaliberRM SDK we also created a "project tracking" portal. The initial project status and selection page looks like this:

As soon as you select the project, the traditional "parking lot" chart appears with the feature areas:

And when a Feature Area is clicked, its details are displayed:

One thing to note: the FDD Portal is not an official Borland product. It was created internally for our Borland Latin America Professional Services Organization needs.

Another thing: you may not be able to see the thumbnails above, but as soon as you click them and select "original size" they will appear. There were some image-creation problems during the image upload process :(.

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yep image_filter problem

We've fixed the thumbnails, but there is a bug in image filtering introduced by the latest drupal (software that runs this site) upgrade. As a workaround, we modified your post to link to the original images.

Can I edit my post?

Hi Admin,

Thanks for the fix! There is, unfortunately, though, one quirk... the images are in the wrong order (probably my fault :?)... Can I edit the post?


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we switched off editing ages

we switched off editing ages ago because people (and one person in particular) were frequently editing posts after the fact. i.e. rewriting their posts in the middle of discussion threads - after the fact.

If you tell me what image numbers you want in what sequence I'll make the change for you.

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The image problem is fixed. It actually wasn't Drupal at all - the location of the image tool was moved by our ISP.

If you resubmit the images, everything will work fine (thumbnails and multiple sizes).


Thanks a lot ... it now looks great!


Is this available for download?

Not exactly...

If you want any specific info about this integration, please contact me: dpolistchuck@borland.com


RM does originate from the features required in the target product/service, hence there should not be any doubt that RM & FDD do co-exist.

I am new member and came accross this forum while participating in PMI-discussion forum and when I searched for Agile & CMM.

Regards Goyal


That's right

I actually agree with you :).
Although from my perspective I'd see Features as a replacement or instance of the traditional "Functional Requirements" type. So before actual FDD work, "Business Requirements" could already have been elicited.