Did anyone know any company is using FDD??/

I want to know which comoany is running on the FDD
can post their destails as well ... thank you

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GBST is using FDD

We are using FDD for our development. I'm currently refining the processes to be integrated with JIRA. Lloyds just visited us for ISO re-certification (I think that was it) and the auditor thought that the FDD process was fantastic.



Hi Murray

we are on the way to implement FDD in our company. We also use JIRA for Bugtracking. How do you integrated JIRA in FDD ?

Kind regards



In lots of ways - basically JIRA is tracking the project right from its first light through to the final release. I've added an image called JIRA-FDD (its under my user-id if it doesn't show up below) showing the basic sub tasks of a project. Each of these has its own workflow underneath. The "workpackage" one is copied for each workpackage and has the individual feature identifies inside it. This can then be assigned to a developer and worked on. My plan is to get an FDD Tool integrated into JIRA so its all seemless but thats a way off yet I think.

All this is still under review and isn't live, signed off or fully tested yet.

Hope that helps though and please let me know what you think



Banding Estimate == Its like a "pre sales" estimate
FS == functional specification
Ambiguity Review == where someone reads the other person's document / feature list and tells them what they think it means


Below is a potential JIRA workflow for workpackage tracking that I draw up very early this morning (pre coffee) so please take it with a grain of salt. Its only my very first brain dump.

JIRA Workpackage Workflow (draft)

National Bank is using FDD.

I also heard that Macquarie Bank is looking at it.