FDD Experiences in the Atlanta, GA Area

Are there any people who are proponents or practitioners of FDD (or adapters of some elements of the FDD process) close to the Atlanta, GA area? I'm interested in any experiences with this methodology.

Martin Westbrook

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Response from Montgomery, AL

Hello -
I am not in Atlanta, GA but a few hours drive from there in Montgomery, AL.
We are building a .Net system with a real-time component and we are going with FDD.
If you need more info, we can discuss more.
email is archiemeyer@yahoo.com

FDD practitioners of FDD

You can contact Ken Ritchie, with PROCESSexchange, who lives in Duluth Georgia just outside of Atlanta. Ken is one of our Senior Mentors and is very knowledgable with FDD. Our company promotes the use and further development of FDD and FDD practices.
Ken can be reached at Ken@processexchange.com

Mac Felsing,
CTO, Principal, Co-Founder

Experienced FDD Practitioner in Atlanta, GA Area

Hi Martin -- I am an FDD practitioner. I live here in the Atlanta area. I would be pleased to meet you or correspond.

You may email me, ken dot ritchie at mindspring dot com, or ken at process exchange dot com (run the words process exchange together, but check to be sure your systems don't bounce the company address because of the embedded three-letter word ;-) You may phone me at seven seventy - six two three - sixteen fourty eight. (NOTE: I am spelling these out to avoid the spam-scrapers.)

About me...

I have taught others, coached developers and management, and practiced FDD on commercial projects over the past five years, since Peter Coad and Jeff DeLuca infected my brain with the beauty of FDD while we worked for TogetherSoft. I continue to work with Mac Felsing, Don Kranz, and others. At Process Exchange we have been quite successful in applying FDD in practice.

BTW, the former "xp-atlanta" group has broadened its focus, and is now agile-atlanta@yahoogroups.com -- have you visited the group yet?

One of the great things about FDD is that it "scales up" well to large projects (dozens of people and months, millions of US dollars), while progress remains visible and communication patterns grow more linearly than exponentially. Some of our larger client organizations have expresssed their amazement at our "agility" while working with a large organization on solving complex problems.

Jeff DeLuca, Peter Coad, Stephen Palmer, Mac Felsing, David Anderson, Don Kranz, and others have done a good thing by sharing their experiences and furthering the practice of FDD.

Please feel free to contact me and let me know how I might help.
I enjoy spreading the word about FDD and helping others succeed!

Best regards from "Hotlanta" ;-)

--ken ritchie

Certified Computing Professional (ICCP)
Borland Together Product Certified
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt
Senior Coad-Certified Mentor