FDDTracker New Pricing Model

Hi All,

ITPS is pleased to announce a new pricing model for FDDTracker http://www.fddtracker.com.

We listened to your feedback on our old pricing model and have made the pricing model much more flexible for smaller development teams.

In response to the FDD communities feedback We have also now moved to a single product edition providing all the features.

Single User $US 99
Up to 2 Users $US 190
Up to 3 Users $US 290
Up to 4 Users $US 350
Up to 5 Users $US 395
Up to 10 Users $US 590
Up to 20 Users $US 980
Site Licence $US 1,799 per site

We hope this shows our committment to listening and responding to the FDD communities wishes.

We are about to release Version 1.1 of the product which adds extensive functionality onto FDDTracker's already rich feature set including:

- Progress Summary Report
- Cumulative Flow Graphs
- Data Import of legacy data
- Data Export Wizard provding multiple data formats, including XML, Excel, HTML
- Issue Logs
- Issue Log report
- Additional filtering capabilities on the feature list
- Theme (Skin) Builder for creating custom application skins

Being a minor release this new functionality will be made available to all existing users free of charge.

We would appreciate any feedback you have on the FDDTracker product and our new pricing model.


Grant Cause
Managing Director

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I believe that this sort advertising should be banned!

Althought I understand these kind of announcements are useful in the past months it is the only thing it has been posted frequently. I believe this bends the nature that I've initially perceived of this Site.

The solution would be not to allow it! And offer a way for these companies or open source groups to advertise their products and solutions on the side bar.

I don't know if others share the same fealing but here are my two cents.

Nuno Lopes

Jeff De Luca's picture

A Resources Page?

Hi Nuno,

my first reaction to this post was that it crossed the line, but then FDD tool support is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. And so, those that are building such tools are providing a valuable service.

I've not needed to censor anything on this site yet (spammers excluded) and I am loathed to have to even consider it.

What I had thought about was adding another static page here (it would be a permanent link in the top banner) that is a Resources page. There I would add links to the FDD tools (free and commercial), relevant books and maybe some other related links (user groups for example).

If I did that, this gives the tool vendors a prominent place to be linked which should reduce the number of such posts at this site.

Also, in the future, the front page of this site will change (I hope) quite a bit and that planned change will re-orient the site a bit. I say all this because I think it will also help your concerns.

I'd be glad to get any feedback from you on this.


Appology to the FDD community.

Hi All,

I honestly did not realise this was against the rules of this site.

My appologies to the FDD community.

I will refrain from posting any further announcements on this site.


Grant Cause
Managing Director, ITPS

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Not Necessary (IMHO)


I think not posting anything is an over-reaction and this was not against the rules of the site as there are no such rules. Eye-wink

Obviously there's a balance between the frequency of such posts and the amount of content in such a post.

No matter where you strike that balance, you'll never please everybody.

FWIW - my $0.02 on the last one would have been a short sharp post that said there's been a significant pricing restructure plus new feature announcements. Check the details out at the following link...


Thank you for your concern.


"... those that are building such tools are providing a valuable service. "

We think alike on this. The resources page would be wonderful.

"I've not needed to censor anything on this site yet"

I realized the word "banned" was too strong. But then I mentioned that there could/should be a place for this information on the site. The resources sections is definitly the place for it IMHO, and what a wonderful place it can be.

FDD is getting more and more widely used. Tools are coming, and let them come so we can use them, great. But tools alone don't solve a thing. I just don't like to get marketing info in my face unless solicited. This site atracted me because of you and others that made FDD, and the kind of talk/chat forum like information flow beetween unkown people like me and wizards like you. I bet this was the same for others inspite of the fact that once you know a bit about FDD, a specialized software tool is obvious.

"I say all this because I think it will also help your concerns."

Thank you for this site!


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Resources page/section is coming

Hi Nuno,

we are busy preparing for a major site rework. Some of the foundation work has already been done (i.e. all content has been converted to forum topics). As a part this work, a resources page will be added. More to come over the next few weeks...

Thanks for the feedback.


RSS Feed


I don't know if this is possible at the moment, but if this site provided an RSS/Atom based feed service would be very nice as I could read posts on the go (offline and online). This kind of service is currently widespread, so much that I rarely go "manually" to websites anymore unless something grabs my attention.

Best regards


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It does RSS feeds already

You can get an RSS feed for the current homepage by simply adding /rss.xml to the domain name. i.e. www.featuredrivendevelopment.com/rss.xml This feed will cover all forum topic content that gets added to the site. (i.e. comments posted to existing forum topics for example will not show up in the feed.