FDD in relevance to onsite-offshore development model


Is there any data/article/experince for onsite-offshore development model which one of you could link me up with?


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Specific to FDD?


do you mean specific to FDD? I'm not aware of any controlled study or documented case study specific to FDD. I've been involved in several outsource/offshore setups. I can talk generally about this if you have any questions.

Personal feelings about this current trend aside - there's actually many different models and it's unfortunate that this entire area is currently synonomous with India and cheap programmer factories, etc. I think that's unfair and misrepresentative.

Having said all that, and ignoring some of the Agile core values (which is a problem too), it's not hard to adapt FDD to such a setup and you at least get some terrific visibility into what the remote construction team is doing. You run your startup processes onsite. You then run the DBF and BBF iterations offsite but with the knowledge transfer from the startup and the visbility and communicability you get from the FDD KMS and tracking/reporting.

I'm certainly not advocating this, but it can be done and if it must be done FDD brings quite a bit to the table.

My $0.02


Yes! specific to FDD


Thanks for the perspective ... away from our "personal feeling". To be politically correct Eye-wink let me use the word "geographically separated" development teams

Based on your answer, I have these specific questions -
1) Is that for "geographically separated" development model, it is NOT recommended for FDD or for that matter any other agile process? Is it due to the customer/user being at onsite? Pls clarify
2) Typical "geographically separated" development model may have few developers at onsite, while the majority of the development happens at offshore. So it seems that onsite team cannot just run the startup at onsite and handover the rest of the process to offshore? Am I missing something here...?!


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re: 1. Yes it is due to the customer/user being onsite.

re: 2. Your CPs must be onsite for for the startup, not the whole team. The CPs then return offsite for the construction.