First cut of FDD Parking Lot Viewer available

Hello all,

I have spent the last couple of evenings writing a utility that will display and print parking lots.

You can use whatever tool you like to capture data and when you want a parking lot report you can export the relevant bits to XML and use this viewer to read and display the data.

The plan is to distribute it free to whoever wants it. However, if you want to give me a 6 figure sum for a site license I might be able to be convinced.

At present I don't have anywhere to host the download and I am not sure what the etiquette is re uploading to this site. If anyone wants to try FDD Viewer please reply to this post and we will arrange something.



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Your call

Hi Phil,

you could upload it here to the files library. There's no problem with that whatsoever.

However, operationally, you (and the files library here) will be better served by hosting it as a project at somewhere like sourceforge.

I presume you will get feedback, want to make changes and thus it will be periodically updated. The files library here is really not suited for that.

Your call though. Feel free to upload here if you like. Or host it at sourceforge (or similar) and post in the link details here.


Will upload here

Thanks Jeff

I will upload the initial release here and see how it goes. If there is interest in it I will add it to Sourceforge or similar for ongoing maintenance.


Looks good

Functional, simple and with the XML file easy to integrate with a suitable front end. I like it.

As a fellow Delphi programmer who also saw Jeff present at a recent Borland seminar I'm interested in seeing the source.


Re: Looks good

Thanks Lachlan,

Re source code, how about I email it to the address you use on ADUG? OK by you?

I am wondering what you want to do with it though. If its just to have a browse that's OK and the email should suffice, but if you want to extend it/update it maybe we should host it on Source Forge or similar. What do you think?


Source code

How about if you initially email it to me at the address from the ADUG list and if I or anyone else starts making changes to it then we could move it to SourceForge.


I love this thing, and am going to use it immediately. Thanks!

re: Awesome

Thanks very much! It's great to get any feedback and even better when it's so positive.

Have been a little surprised that more people haven't commented one way or the other.

Thanks again,


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Very interesting! We did something similar...

Congratulations, Phil!

It's really amazing and simple! Perhaps we should go on and improve it as an open source tool!

We did something similar here with ASP.Net, at Borland Latin America (Brazil), using Delphi 8 for .Net. It's a web application that lists all the projects registered in CaliberRM (with a special requirement type containing the due dates and Chief-Programmers/Class Owners for each level).

It generates the Parking Lot chart and, for each Business Activity, a report with all its features, with the appropriate status coloring.

It's wonderful to see these reports done so easy and fast! :)