Comment Moderation (Voting) Update

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This was working for some authenticated users but not others. That problem has now been fixed and this capability should now be available to all authenticated users.

Comment moderation has been switched on. You can "mod" a comment up or down from a list of votes with scores. You cannot mod your own comments. When viewing a discussion thread, you can mod (vote) multiple comments and then at the end of the page click the Moderate button to register all your votes.

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Ah good! It wasn't just me then

I've been wondering why it didn't work.

David J. Anderson
author of "Agile Management for Software Engineering"

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or me

it didn't work for me either. I knew that others could mod so I just assumed that I couldn't since I have manager privileges. Anyway, a bit of digging by the admin got it sorted.

If anyone still has problems with this or has any questions about the moderate comments function, let me know in this thread.