Missing FDD Implementation

I want to start with FDD right away. But an FDD implementation like Nebulon's Project Tracking System (PTS) still is not public available. Or is it free available and I don't know about it?

Giving my manager a clear view to FDD's benefit through such a tracking and report system, would make it much easier for me to convince him of the FDD approach.

Any hint from you except for writing my own PTS are very welcome.

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I'm not aware of a publicly available implementation I can recommend to you. However, I used this basic approach for years before I ever had it partially implemented in an application. Granted - the granularity of a feature (from Coad) was the tipping point for me, but even on that large project much of the data recording and reporting was done manually.

Even with the PTS application, I still do parking lot charts by hand.