Online survey on agile practices adoption in software industry

I came across a newsgroup post announcing a survey being carried out by the University of Cagliari on the adoption and use of Agile processes in industry. (Full details below.)

From comp.lang.python comes this post:

Subject: Online survey on agile practices adoption in software industry
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 16:01:00 +0100
From: Davide Carboni <>
Newsgroups:,, comp.lang.python

AgileGroup of University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, is running a
survey on the adoption and use of methodologies and processes in the
IT industry, with particular regard to agile practices.

The survey should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. It is
strictly confidential.
The survey is available at:

The results of the survey will be published on the same web page.
If you know one or more colleague wishing to contribute her/his
opinion to our study, please invite them to:
Also, please fell free to forward this invitation to other
professional lists and online forums.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!!

Michele Marchesi
DIEE - University of Cagliari

Most readers will want the English version of the site...

Keep an eye on the site, as the results will be published there once the survey has been compiled.

:: Gavin Baker --

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Note the email handle!

A quick google gave me this definition of dadaism

Dada was an art movement that was ostrasized from the world of art as it swept through the world like war sweeping thoughout nations. Dadaism brought about everything new: new ideas, new materials, new directions, and new people. Dada had no uniform characteristics as many other movements in the arts have. Dadaist art can be interpreted by each person how they want to see or read it. Dadaism brings out feelings and emotions in each person dependent upon what he or she is going through at the time.

Art historians who are professionally trained to analyze the styles of art movements and periods have been continually baffled by the contradictions and complexities Dadaism poses twoards itself. All those who attempt to analyze the Dadaist movement, to figure out it's breadth and depth all seem to come up short. The meaning and content go far beyond that which can be analyzed by a trained professional.

Dadaism is often mistaken as a myth due to the outrageous and ridiculous ideas put into the art, however it was very real. Dadaism was never epected to last forever, the Dadaists lived int he moment and for the moment, and so did the spirit of Dada. This beautiful form of art is no longer widely practised throughout the world, yet it is still greatly apreciated by many.

Sounds suspiciously like XP to me Eye-wink


Agile survey


Have you checked out the survey? It equates Agile with XP and you only get to say whether you have done XP or not.


XP survey

I took the survey after posting the link :O ... As you point out, it is heavily biased toward the notion that XP == Agile.

I also noticed that they have a few publications about XP specifically, so there is bound to be some bias in there.

In any case, I mentioned FDD wherever appropriate, so hopefully they will take other Agile approaches into account.

:: Gavin Baker -