Looking for a FDD enabling tool

Hi all, I'm looking for a tool that supports FDD.
Some of my customers are interested to evaluate/buy such a product.

Any references would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Rudy

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I Starting on Something


I was looking for a tool the same as well. There are some screen shots on http://www.nebulon.com/articles/fdd/fddimplementations.html of the tool they have used as well as what Sausage Interactive used. I found an open source project at sourceforge but it seems a little incomplete and uses php and mysql which i am not very familiar with.

So i have decided to take the requirements etc that the open source project have written and build my own tool. This will be built using MS .NET with a SQL server DB.

I am looking build both a windows and a web front end to it. So if you have any expierence with .net then i would love some help. Otherwise i would glady let you have a copy of the system once i can show it to you


FDD Tool

Using Java would enable a larger audience as it would run on Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac

It's not my language

I agree java would be a wider audience, but i dont know it, so there is little change on me writing it in java. With the web version though you will be able to access it using any browser so that should help

platform support

yes I agree with the poster above. developing in .NET is just going to limit users to running on Microsoft servers. and .net has a way of preferring to talk to IE anyway, which is bad for web standards and client support.

our organisation runs on solaris. any solution we look at needs to support a range of platforms. why limit thing unecessarily?

if you know C#, it is just a ripoff of java anyway. so it is easy to learn.

Thanks, Dave!


Looks to me as if Dave is generously offering to share his effort with the FDD community. The choice of implementation platform is his. Use it if you like, otherwise find (or write!) another that suits your needs.

Thanks for the Vote


Thanks for the vote of confidence and I am more than happy to share what I do.

I dont want to get into the slagging match between .net and java as this has already been done time and again.

Just to summerize, .net does nto have a preference for ie at all. ASP.Net just churns out html at the end of the day. If the person write the html wish it to be ie specific then that is not a .net problem.

I will try and make my web client as vanilla as possible so as not to exclude anyone.

Also I am sure every company/person in the world has a least one machine running windows and if not you could buy a machine for a couple of hundred bucks anyway. Due to the fact you are getting the software for free instead of costing thousands i think this is a small price to pay


One More Vote!

I Have not problem in running something like an FDD Tool on a Windows Server.

As for support on multiple platforms, I'm sure it will not be the main feature of the system :)

I'm Glad that FDD its growing interest amongst developers, analysts and project managers outside the Java World After all if Java is denoted as a platform (much more then a Language) it means that anything developed with it is not multi platform anyway ;)

Good Luck Dave,

Nuno Lopes

Platform chime-in

You can probably silence some of the critics fairly easily if you choose to accept the changes required to support Mono on your server model. This would potentially eliminate the "multi-platform" whining while enabling you to develop in .NET with your current tools, etc.