Projects developed with FDD

I am really curious about this:
Does anyone know any famous projects or platforms or any applications that have been implemented and successfully developed using FDD method ?

Thanks in advance. Smiling

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It's All Relative

Depending on you POV and context, the answer is yes. I have been involved with several successful enterprise-level projects that have used FDD as a development methodology. These system have been in use for 7+ years and are going strong.

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Sorry for the delay Mallix

Sorry for the delay Mallix but yes, FDD has been used in several high profile projects.

Most notably is the 'Singapore Project' which if i remember correctly was about 50 developers and about 18 months long (don't quote me on that!). If you maybe look around wikipedia or look at a book called Adaptive Software Ecosystems by Jim Highsmith there is more of a run down of the project there.

Good luck!