FDD project management software

Is there any software available to manage FDD projects running on IIS (asp.net)?

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Not OOTB FDD but a hybrid...

I have used the VersionOne (www.versionone.com) application to manage the development project using Scrum verbiage and constructs but with an FDD feature list and process.

Your feature list becomes your backlog, and your workpackages become sprints. You can incorporate custom milestones in each sprint allowing you to track the FDD process (walk through, design review, coding, code review, and promote to build).

It's not a one-to-one map, but we were able to make it work and be successful.


Thanks you for your reply

Thanks you for your reply Eric.

I presume you looked for a better solution but couldn't find one.

I'm thinking of setting up a open source project to build a management tool in Asp.net/C#.

Besides I need one I think it could be a good addition to the other tools.

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Why Restrict to ASP/IIS?

Is there a reason you are limiting your web server to IIS? There are other solutions that run on Tomcat, Apache, and other web servers.

Well, the main reason is

Well, the main reason is available knowledge.

The company I want to use it for only builds dot net applications. We want to use FDD for future projects. The first thing we found out is that we need somthing to save all the features and objects in.

And because it was not there yet I thought it might be a good idea to build something. Open source so it will be more easy for others to start with or use FDD.

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Java Open-Source


I know FDDPMA is open-source and written in Java/JSF and will easily run in a Tomcat container. The project isn't actively maintained and never went beyond the 1.x release. It has a strong PD, however, and could be ported to .NET (C#) with relative ease.


Just a thought.