what is requirements phase samples look like?

I have read about FDD and I like it. But before you start a project you have to get requirements from the client. I noticed that with FDD it starts with the domain modeling of course this domain modeling is built by getting information from the initial requirements.

What kind of requirement type best suites FDD for the initial requirements phase. Once I get to the domain modeling I understand how to do features, but features get their input from the domain modeling and the initial requirements, right?

I am confused about the phase before the modeling occurs. Do we use use cases, scenarios, user stories to capture requirements before we start doing the domain modeling?


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Some ideas...

Hi nuz,

This website is rich on material that covers your question. I recommend searching and using the starting points on the hope page to get a better grasp on approaches.

Briefly.. you are kind of right, the business needs to have an understanding of the business processes they execute. This and a project i guess are the minimalist entry criteria for using FDD.

From this point, senior developers (Chief Programmers) and the business (or BA's sometimes) then iterate over the major areas of the business related to the project and attempt to model these in a bredth first fashion (they are not dealing with algorithms or low level detail, just the capture of knowledge relating to key objects, interactions/behaviours etc.). For each area, the major business processes are broken down, and from there the individual steps. You can view these steps as features. The key point here is that your senior developers are now in a great position to articulate what parts of the system are, and where complexity may lie etc. You now establish your feature list and high level schedule etc.

In my experience, it would be at this point after the feature list creation that you would create a requirements document. If you want a more 'agile' approach you could try and make your feature list your requirements document ;). You can also incorporate any of the sequence diagrams or class diagrams you created from the modelling phase into your requirements document.

I hope this has helped :)


ps. i have been involved with FDD for a while now, but i must admit i am not an expert on it. I highly recommend getting Jeff in if you can, even for a seminar!