Dear Jeff, can I plan to create a website in China about FDD?

Dear Jeff,
I am a developer from China, and I have 8 years experience in software development. I have applied FDD to project management nearly for 2 years, I like FDD really!

Today in China, XP is the most popular software process of agile methodology. Most of developers are all thinking AGILE IS XP, only a few people know FDD and few people apply FDD to their project management.

To promote the FDD in China, I have an idea that I want to create a website about FDD for all Chinese developers. It will report the news of FDD in the world, introduce the knowledge of FDD, discuss the related topics, share the successful experience... and so on.

As everyone knows, you and Mr. Peter Coad are the pioneers of FDD. I think I need your permit and authorization for my idea, and I also need your help and suggestions.

About the contents of the website, I think the following ways I need,

1. Translate the articles/topics provided by your,
2. Translate the topics provided by The Coad Letter.
3. The news about FDD & Agile from the internet.
4. The topics submitted by Chinese developers.
5. Some articles and experience of mine.
6. Some articles and experience shared by other developers/organizations who are using FDD.

About the name of the website, I want to call it "FDD China".

Mr. Jeff, do you agree with my plan? And is the plan feasible?

Now, I am studying my master degree in Hong Kong PolyTechnic University. So I only can use my spare-time to work for it.

Wish for your feedback.

Thank you very much!

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China interest in FDD

Hi Pengfei,

I'm also in China (Hangzhou) and have been leveraging FDD on various projects for some time. I'd be interested in learning more about your experiences with FDD and understand more about how we might be able to more effectively collaborate to promote FDD in China.

Feel free to contact me at vernon(dot)stinebaker(at)gmail(dot)com if you'd like to connect off list.