Code Complete 1st Ed.

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cover of Code Complete 1st Ed.Code Complete

author: Steve McConnell
asin: 1556154844
binding: Paperback
list price: $35.00 USD
amazon price: $35.00

There is a second edition out now but the first edition is the better book. Every programmer should have a copy of this book. That alone isn't enough - but it is one heck of a start. Read this. Read it again. Read it again. Keep reading it. All programmers "getting this stuff" would be by far the biggest single leap forward we could make. This book is a wonderful summary of a wide range of vitally important topics. What is extra-great about it is that McConnell diligently references and cites all the works he draws from or is summarizing. Thus, if you want to go get even more information you have the reference right there. Don't let the MS Press label put you off (if you feel that way) - this is a must have book.