Peak Performance

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cover of Peak PerformancePeak Performance: Aligning the Hearts and Minds of Your Employees

author: Jon R. Katzenbach
asin: 0875849369
binding: Hardcover
list price: $35.00 USD
amazon price: $23.10 USD

What a breath of fresh air. Now here's a novel idea: the list of good things to do is almost endless and any of us could start making such a list. The things on it will almost all have merit individually. The trick then is this: which subset of all those "good things to do" is the right subset to apply for my organization? Katzenbach has gone out and studied successful organizations and classified them. He has then studied the subsets of "good things to do" for each organization classiifcation. Brilliant! This book puts a TON of other management and HR books in their place.