Writer's Workshops & the Work of Making Things

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cover of Writer's Workshops & the Work of Making ThingsWriters' Workshops & the Work of Making Things: Patterns, Poetry...

author: Richard P. Gabriel
asin: 020172183X
binding: Paperback
list price: $34.99 USD
amazon price: $34.99

This is an amazing book. The first time I read it I thought "yeah, ok." Not long after, messages in it were really started to pound on me so I went back and read it again. Wow - so much there that I didn't reallly absorb the first time through. Each time I've read it, I get more and more out of it. Don't misunderstand me - it is not that the book is hard to read or inaccessible. Quite the opposite. It is that each time I am able to get even more out of the messages and teachings within it. Like many things, it can all look so simple on the surface, but as you learn a little bit you are able to see so much more (rinse and repeat Smiling)

I adapted the interactive workshop approach described in this book to an e-mail based multi-stage review system for article writing and it has worked spectacularly well for me.