[ANN] TargetProcess - Agile Project Managemenet Software

Hello All,

TargetProcess http://www.targetprocess.com

It is web based .NET application.

* Planning Module
- Extreme Programming style project planning (iterative development)
- User stories management
- Releases and Iterations planning
- Project dashboard
- Personalized ToDo lists
- Burn Down chart
- Multiple projects support

* Bug Tracking module
- ToDo list for bugs
- Bug dashboard
- Stats and charts
- Comments and changes history
- Attachments

* Time Tracking module
- Time Tracking for projects and user stories
- Time sheets
- Tasks for user story

* WYSIWYG for user stories & bugs editing
* Automatic installer
* Basic projects permissions
* Automatic notifications

FREE Version of Planning module is here http://www.targetprocess.com

Full Demo version: http://fulldemo.targetprocess.com/default.aspx
login: admin
pwd: admin

with best regards,
Vadim Gaidukevich