Enterprise Strategies: So long, Wintel?

He mentions how companies like Sun, IBM and Apple are reshaping the marketplace, by offering competitive alternatives to the Windows PC.

As much as I'd like to see a more diverse range of systems in enterprise outfits, I can't help but wonder if Tom has been reading the constant flow of stories about Microsoft, and their ongoing attempts to control every market they touch? What is almost as staggering as their audacity is peoples' willingness to go along with it all, without questioning their strategies.

Now Linux has certainly shaken up things in the last few years, and its popularity has risen at a most opportune time. Microsoft beginning their new and improved "lock-in license", to make sure that their customers "stay loyal". With the downturn in tech stocks, CIOs and CTOs have a responsability to make sure their IT budget is delivering them the most bang for buck. Let's hope that much needed diversity will blossom. It's in everyone's interests, after all...

I remember that line from Hotel California; maybe we can appropriate it here:

You can shut down Windows any time you like,

but you can never leave...