(Free Teleseminar) The Story Behind Feature-Driven Development - with Jeff De Luca (28 April 2009)

Feature-Driven Development is one of six recognized major agile development methodologies. FDD and Jeff De Luca are a part of the Agile Software Consortium, and FDD was one of the original agile methodologies represented at the signing of the Agile Manifesto. While most recent writing about agile has concerned Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP), there are still a sizable number of people succeeding in agile software development using the FDD method.

Join in this FREE 60-minute interview with Jeff De Luca, the co-creator of the FDD method, as he tells us about the story behind the development of the FDD approach: how it was conceived, its early evolution, first lessons learned and how they were applied to update the approach, and how it was introduced to development teams and organizations.

Topics Covered

* What is Feature-Driven Development?
* What sparked the original idea for its creation?
* What/Who influenced its structure?
* How was it first used?
* What early lessons helped change the approach to the format we know today?
* How was it first introduced to the broader software development community, and what were the reactions?
* And answers to questions raised by the audience

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April 28, 2009 from 11:00am to 12:00pm EST (GMT-5h)

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About the Presenter:
Jeff De Luca is a dynamic, results-driven Information Technology executive and strategist. He has over 20 years experience in Australia and the USA in high level project management, strategy, architecture-design and troubleshooting, with IBM and in his own successful IT consultancy company Nebulon. Jeff is also the creator of Feature Driven Development. Apart from his IT expertise, Jeff De Luca is an accomplished inventor, a published technical author and a presenter. He is a visionary leader with great human relations skills and an ability to empower those around himself. Personable and approachable, Jeff also has a unique ability to translate and explain highly-technical computing concepts and solutions to diverse audiences including executives and non-IT professionals.